About Pocket Press

Pocket Press was founded in 1992 by a street officer. This unique blend of experience and skills produces products specifically designed for criminal justice professionals. We are committed to publishing books that contain the information most needed by street officers and other criminal justice system professionals in a form that is readily available: in hard-copy books, for smart phone or tablet, or for a computer — as well as at the department/precinct, or on the computer in the patrol car.

Our goal is to provide the very best compact law reference book available. Our books are formatted so that you can easily track changes enacted in the most recent legislative session.

In order to keep the pocket versions to a useful size, some statutory material of select laws is omitted -- but only where the information is not practical to officers on the street. (For example, subsections that outline diversion programs.) After the selections are made and compiled into our book files, the text of our books are proofed -- word for word, comma for comma to make sure that we have the correct information. For customers who desire the complete text of all included statutory material, we provide an 8 1/2 by 6" coil-bound handbook.

Our books are frequently used by prosecutors and judges -- excellent evidence as to the value of our products. The index sections in our books are one of the most valuable features. Rather than a broad permutation of the words in the titles, the index entries focus on common street parlance for offenses. As an example, rather than something like "Certain persons not to possess firearms,” our index would contain: “Ex-con in possession, Felon in possession of firearm, Firearm-Felon in possession.”

Since we began this business in 1992, we have been determined to keep our prices affordable to anyone interested in having a great resource close at hand, especially in the field.

Preview of Book
Preview of Our Books

Our books are designed with the needs of criminal justice professionals in mind. Check out this preview of one of our books to see the valuable information that you can access in a compact, convenient format.